Why Should You Choose Luxury Retirement Living Over Home Health Care?

Posted on 05/21/2021

There comes a time in life when it becomes necessary to hire extra help to care for yourself or a loved one. This could be due to a health condition or just general aging, but the thing that doesn’t change is the worry over whether you’re making the right decision.

While there are benefits to both home health care and senior community living, many retirees enjoy the added benefits afforded to them at a luxury retirement community. The fact that the option for around-the-clock care or minor assistance for senior healthcare needs is available is just the icing on the cake.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of living in a senior living community.

Finding Your Community

Making new friends is hard to do – or it at least seemed much easier when we were children hanging out on the playground. Maintaining friendships is also difficult as we all go through life at different paces and sometimes just drift apart. As much as we love them, family isn’t always around to provide all of the help we need.

When we’re not getting regular social connections with people we care about, loneliness can creep in. Loneliness can also lead to other serious mental and physical health issues, including depression, anxiety, and dementia.

A home healthcare worker can provide some level of engagement with you; that interaction can be limited to the time they’re there. Living in a luxury retirement community affords you an active social calendar to pick and choose the days and times you want to be social. Even with assisted living help, you’ll be able to listen to live musical performances, enjoy afternoon tea, and shake things up at resident mixers.

Humans are meant to be a part of a group and to build connections, even into our older years. When you can find a community and build new friendships right in your senior living community, you’ll have more control over your social life.

Keeping Some Independence

Our ability to do things for ourselves like getting ourselves around or picking our clothes and getting dressed is something we take pride in when we’re children but grow to take for granted as adults. That is until we need assistance with things again. Deciding we need assistance can be hard, and it may seem like living at home with a home healthcare worker stopping is the best option for maintaining independence. While you’ll still be in your home, you’re missing out on some important aspects of being independent.

Living in a senior living community with assisted living care options gives you the opportunity to get the assistance you need when you need it. There is a team of compassionate caretakers available to assist with bathing, dressing, continence care, and more. In addition, retirement communities are built with aging senior challenges in mind. You can have a place to live that already has wide doorways to accommodate wheelchairs and walking assistant devices, as well as handles and bars for helping seniors in the bathroom and shower. The alternate option would be retrofitting your existing home – hiring someone to widen doorways, anchor handles into walls, or remodel bathrooms.

Resort-style senior living means also having access to beautiful common areas to meet with other residents, dine on gourmet food, or relax with a change of scenery.

Transportation Options

There comes a point in time when driving isn’t an option anymore. Sometimes this is a choice – due to the stress of driving around other erratic drivers on the road. Sometimes this is due to the doctor or Motor Vehicle Division ordering it.

When you live in a luxury retirement community, you have access to transportation services to help you visit places outside of the community and community arranged trips to local events.

Security and Safety

As we age, our safety in our own homes becomes a concern. What would happen if you were to fall in the middle of the night? When you have around-the-clock care at a retirement living community, precautions can be put into place to help you in case of falls or other medical emergencies.

Caretakers are around all of the time, not just during an hour here or there like home healthcare workers typically are. In the event of a crisis, a caretaker can be there at a moment’s notice to help to provide assistance or call for additional medical assistance.

In addition, luxury senior communities are equipped with special technology and security features to keep residents safe in the community and in their homes.  

Resort-style Amenities

Do you want to live every day like it’s a vacation? Living at home is great, but you’re most likely missing out on resort-style amenities like a salt-water pool and high-end fitness center. While home healthcare workers can provide some comfort and care, they cannot turn your home into a relaxing resort.

Convenient access to resort-style amenities is at your fingertips when you live in an active senior living community. Do you prefer interacting with others most of the time or only on occasion? You can choose to engage when and how you want with an active social events calendar with a wide variety of events. Plus, host your friends and family during special activity nights for even more fun.

Enjoy the sunshine or occasional rainstorm on your personal patio or balcony or while taking a stroll on beautiful walking paths around the community. Even better, relax in the pool or hot tub.

Prepare your favorite meals at home with an upgraded kitchen. When cooking just doesn’t feel right, pick up take out, have food delivered, or dine with others. There is a wide variety of gourmet food options for you to choose from.

Does your hair need styled, or nails need polished? Schedule an appointment for the on-site day spa.

Keeping Active In Retirement

Living at home limits your options for staying active in your retirement years. You can hire help to come in and keep you moving, but even that is limited. Finding time or transportation to get to fitness classes or a gym can be difficult.

Active senior living communities work hard to help keep their residents active for longer. Physical activity can help with mental health, build muscle, and maintain mobility as you age. Discover how you like to exercise and set a routine or change it up every day. With group fitness classes, high-end equipment, and a relaxing pool, you can choose how you stay active every day.

Consistency in Care

It may seem like it would be more comfortable to stay at home as you age. However, there may come a time when you need advanced care and have to move somewhere that can provide that. If that happens, you’re dealing with the stress of moving and adjusting to a new environment on top of new health concerns.

Active senior living communities offer the ability to start out in independent living and add on care options as you age. This means you can live in one community surrounded by your new friends even if your needs change.

Care Options and Services

Retirement communities often hire experienced caregivers to work with your loved ones. When researching your options, consider the length of experience and updated care education of the healthcare workers you’re going to hire. Do they work as a team? At a luxury senior living community, the caretakers combine their knowledge and work as a team to make each resident comfortable and well cared for.

In addition, a team allows you to interact with more people, finding one that fits your personality. Home healthcare means you’re stuck with the worker you’re assigned, even if you don’t get along.

Decide to Move to Luxury Senior Living

Choosing a resort-inspired retirement community means choosing to spend each day as if you’re on vacation. You’re choosing consistent care, the option for increased assistance as you age, luxury amenities at your fingertips, and gourmet food nearby. Plus, you don’t have to go far to find new people to build friendships with.

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