Resort-Style Living is Ideal for Retirement and Here’s Why

Posted on 04/09/2021

Are you looking for a retirement community that provides more than the basic needs, but one that provides a way for you to stay physically and mentally active?

When many people hear the words “retirement community,” their minds automatically go to a lonely, sterile environment, maybe even going so far as to picture a colorless dab room along with it. The truth of the matter is Baby Boomers are more active in their senior years than previous generations were, and they want more out of their retirement. Luxury retirement communities have been created in response to the lifestyle this generation of elders wants.

If you and your loved one are looking to reject basic senior living, come tour a resort-style senior living community that inspires an active life filled with friends and new activities.

Keep reading to delve into the reasons why upscale amenities are ideal for retirement life.

Gorgeous Weather

Being buried in snowfall and frosty temperatures can be tiring, especially when they keep you locked up for a good portion of the year. Yes, the yellow, red, and orange leaves are beautiful to look at, but you can always travel to see the four seasons and come home to year-round warmth and sunshine.

Living in a luxury retirement community in beautiful Phoenix allows you to reap the benefits of warm temperatures year-round. You may not be sitting on the beach every day of the week, but you can still enjoy nature with a casual stroll (or brisk walk if that’s your pass) around the community. Or, you can choose to participate in a multitude of outdoor activities without needing a defroster after the fact.

When you’re ready to spend a few days admiring the changing leaves or falling snow, arrange a trip to visit your family or vacation with your friends. Then, come back and enjoy the beautiful outdoors and sunny weather on your patio or balcony, on outdoor walking paths, or during one of the many activities at your luxury senior living community.

Staying Socially Active

There’s a new cause for concern among our older population. A loneliness epidemic is affecting the retired generation, leading to more physical and mental health concerns.

Living in a community without many options for interacting and engaging with your neighbors can make it hard to feel a part of a community. In addition, many seniors aren’t able to drive anymore, causing an impediment to visiting friends and family that live outside their community.

Upscale senior living communities provide plenty of opportunities to interact with other residents and build new connections. The staff provides a range of activities on-site every month, making it easy to maintain a vibrant social life.

You’ll also have plenty of chances to attend off-site events with pre-planned outings and transportation services available to luxury retirement community residents.

If you don’t feel like venturing out, you can immerse yourself in enough social activities to keep you engaged and fulfilled. The calendar at a resort-style retirement community is filled with wine tastings, holiday mixers, resident get-togethers, and a lot more, put together by a staff that cares about helping the residents build new friendships.

Making new friends is important at every age – including in retirement. Why not find new friends where you live and make it easier to hang out together for meals, movies, chats, and more.

Private Home Spaces

No matter how much you enjoy time spent socializing, there are days when staying in and relaxing, getting a little r-and-r is needed. Rooms in your average retirement community can seem cramped, community spaces overflowing with people and furniture.

When you live in a luxury senior living community, your private rooms will have plenty of space to unwind and time to relax without interruptions. Outside your front door and within the community, you’ll find options to pamper yourself at the spa or attend worship services.

Having your own personal space is imperative in any hotel-inspired retirement community. You have the choice to participate in community activities and social gatherings or to take the time for quiet and relaxation by yourself.

Luxury Fitness Opportunities

As we age, we often notice new aches and pains, stiff joints, or even lower mobility. But getting older and feeling older don’t need to happen together. Studies have shown that staying fit after retirement can help your body maintain mobility.

By participating in a regular cardio and strength training fitness routine, you’ll reduce your body fat, increase your muscle mass, and build up core strength. This, in turn, gives better support for your body, allowing you to maintain or improve your mobility. Living in a senior community that supports your fitness goals is important to stay active and mobile well into your retired years.

Luxury retirement communities help you with your fitness goals by offering options to meet your interests. Complete a low-impact resistance workout in a pool or take a variety of fitness classes with your newfound friends. Getting bored with your fitness routine is unlikely with all of the options your new luxury home offers.

Fine Dining Options

What good is nutritious food if it’s boring and bland? Enjoy a delicious variety of healthy food at an upscale retirement community.

Fine dining at your new community means yummy food is packed with the nutrients you need and rotating meal options that keep your taste buds guessing. Luxury living means eating your way. Choose to eat with other residents or have food brought to your door. Either way, there are so many options it’ll be hard to find time for every one of them.

Mental Acuity

Just because you retired doesn’t mean you should stop learning and stimulating your mind. Active senior living communities offer programs to help keep your mind active while learning new skills and about new subjects.

While you could spend your time playing games and surfing the web, taking new classes offers the opportunity to keep your mind growing. A luxury senior living community offers on-site classes and programs to make keeping your mind engaged easier than ever.

When you live at a LivGenerations community, you’ll be able to attend lifelong learning programs, art classes, guest lectures, and more to help you stay sharper, healthier, and happier.

Retirement life is the ideal time to take new classes and learn new things.

Is Your Home Luxurious?

When you come home, do you feel like you’re coming home to luxurious, resort-style living?

Don’t let the luxury experience stop at the door of your new retirement community. Your personal space should be as comfortable as the community you’re residing in.

Is your family not complete without your pet? Don’t leave Fido behind! Pets can move with you to your new senior living community and make friends of their own at the Bark Park.

If you feel like whipping up a meal for yourself, take advantage of the full-sized modern kitchen at your disposal in your upscale retirement community. On nights where cooking and cleaning up doesn’t appeal, let the community do the cooking for you!

Looking for a relaxing jacuzzi? Melt away the stress of the day (if you have any) in a relaxing hot tub. With luxury amenities available 24/7, you can enjoy the luxuries of the rich and famous right in your own community.

Luxury senior living means help is available, even in the middle of the night. Simply call the concierge service with your request.

Indulge in the Resort-Style Living You Deserve

You deserve the best in your retirement! After all, you worked hard to prepare for life after working. Reward yourself by picking a deluxe senior living community with helpers to do the worrying and heavy lifting for you.

Spark your social life, stay active and mobile, enjoy great food, and relax and have fun when you live in a luxury retirement community. Are you ready to enjoy your retirement life?

LivGeneration offers a resort-style, luxury retirement community for all of our residents. Schedule a tour to visit and learn about how we take retirement living to the next level!