What’s Important in a Luxury Retirement Community?

Posted on 04/08/2021

Your entire life you’ve been working so you can live a comfortable life in retirement, and you want something that is more than ordinary. Living in a luxury retirement community can bring that extraordinary life right to your front door.

Reward yourself by living in a hotel-inspired retirement community that feels like a vacation every day. A luxurious retirement community will provide that life of comfort and give you the opportunity to be carefree, to enjoy your senior years.

How do you know you’re choosing the best community for you? Below we’ll talk about what you should be looking for as you tour upscale senior living communities, what makes a community really stand out as luxe, and why that’s important for your retirement years. Keep reading to find out more.

High-class Amenities

When you’re looking at luxury retirement communities, you expect high-class amenities. Look to see if the community offers things like on-site spa services, gourmet dining opportunities, beautiful architectural details, and beyond. It’s the little details that will help you discover the best in luxury retirement living.

When you’re touring, pay attention to the following:

  • Are the rooms well-appointed with quality furnishings?
  • Does the staff provide stellar service to you and current residents?
  • Do the dining rooms provide a wide array of gourmet food options?

When you’re looking for a resort-style retirement community, you want to see resort-quality amenities.

Focus on Senior Health and Fitness

High-end retirement living is about so much more than fancy amenities. It’s about living in a place that prioritizes your mental and physical health so you can continue to enjoy life for longer. During your tour, ask what fitness opportunities are available for you.

A hotel-style senior living community should have at minimum basic gym equipment plus a pool for low-impact workouts, fitness classes for those who enjoy working out in a group, and more. When a luxury senior community offers more than one way to work out, it shows the staff cares about the wants and needs of all of the community residents.

In addition to physical fitness programs, learning programs and adult learning classes are a great way upscale retirement communities can invest in senior mental health. You’ll notice that some communities go above and beyond to bring in guest lecturers and offer classes on a wide variety of topics to keep your brain active, engaged, and learning.

Strolls Through the Great Outdoors

When you’re ready to take a break from daily activities, taking a stroll outside can help you clear your mind and destress. You’ve worked your entire life. Your retirement years are yours to enjoy, and slowing down to enjoy nature is a great way to do just that. Plus, studies have shown connecting with nature is important for mental health development. During your tour, ask to see any outdoor walking paths the luxury community may have to offer.

Neighborhood Dining and Shopping Opportunities

There are times you want to get out of the retirement community, whether it’s for something different to do or because you have family and friends coming for a visit. Having delicious food options or upscale shopping opportunities nearby can provide additional entertainment. Take a stroll through the local shops or enjoy delicious food with your loved ones. The opportunities are endless when you’re living close to multiple popular dining and shopping destinations.

24/7 Helpers on Staff

When you’re retired, you want to enjoy life and not spend time worrying about fixing windows, toilets, or the refrigerator. Luxury retirement communities should offer staff around-the-clock to provide assistance when you need it.

Other must-haves for a resort-style senior community include maid services, grocery delivery options, and compassionate nursing staff. Utilize the high level of service you’ll find at a luxury retirement community to give yourself the flexibility to enjoy life stress-free and in the moment.


What good would it be to have special amenities if some of your residents couldn’t use them? Take a look around to see if the upscale senior community you’re touring has accessibility options in place. It’ll tell you if they had aging seniors in mind when they built their community.

Even if you’re still fit and active at this point in your life, there could be a time when you need a wheelchair or accessibility accommodations. When you live somewhere that has already taken those needs into account, you won’t find yourself struggling to get around your retirement community in the future.

During your tour, ask if they offer disabled parking or updated elevators that are currently working, and possibly even if the elevators go down and how quickly they get fixed. A luxury retirement community should stand out above others when it comes to meeting all of its residents’ needs. Providing accessibility options says the community is inclusive, and they care about residents feeling left out from activities.

Socializing Opportunities

Luxury senior living communities should provide more socializing opportunities than bridge or book clubs. Bringing a variety of activities to your doorstep allows you to try new things and mix up your social calendar throughout your retired years. Plus, you’ll have even more opportunities to meet new people within the community.

At LivGenerations, you’ll discover a multitude of on-site activities to get involved with, including:

  • Social Gatherings on the Panoramic Sky Deck
  • Wine Tastings at Infusions Wine Cellar
  • Afternoon Tea at the Silk Tassel Tea Room
  • Get-togethers with your friends and family in mind
  • Games in the Behind the 8 Ball game room
  • Art Classes at Mosaic Art Studio
  • Themed dinners
  • Movie nights in the Legends Theater
  • Musical events
  • Outings to local events
  • And more!

Family Activities

When you mix the wisest and the youngest in our society, benefits abound – including a boost of happiness for attendees. Many retirement communities are taking advantage of these benefits to bring joy to their residents by hosting intergenerational activities.

Seniors who interact with youth are also less prone to falls, show better performance on memory tests, and expend more calories than those that don’t intermix with youth.

Children, on the other hand, are 46 percent less likely to do drugs when they connect with their elders. They also build better communication and problem-solving skills than kids in their age group.

A Community of Peers

When you live in a luxury senior community, it’s not all about fancy amenities and delicious meals. Life without friends can be dull and dreary. When you’re living in a luxury retirement community, you’re likely surrounding yourself with retired professionals and have ample opportunity to find like-minded individuals (or not if you like to debate) to make new friends with.

What is luxury living without the friendships that bring vibrancy to your life?

An Investment in Technology

While technology may not be your favorite thing, it should play a large role in your luxury senior living community. Not only does it power modern-day life, but it can help keep you and other residents safe with the correct implementation of closed-circuit video camera monitoring. Having high-speed WiFi throughout the grounds will allow you to surf the internet on your tablet or video chat with friends and family regardless of how close you are to the common rooms.

Some communities even offer residents technology classes, so they can indulge in social media, texting lingo, messaging apps, and more.

Living Opportunities that Grow With You

Whether you’re starting in independent living, assisted living, or needing specialized help, a true resort-style senior community should have options to grow with your care needs. LivGenerations offers a wide variety of options for residents, including assisted living, independent living, memory care, and more, to accommodate the lifestyle you’re needing.

In independent living, residents can live life on their own schedule and choose to participate when they want. There’s also access to transportation services to get around in the city outside of the luxury retirement community borders.

Residents with memory disorders and their families can have peace of mind with the memory care program that offers dignified and compassionate care. The program is centered around the resident and built to help them thrive.

Elevato is a more holistic program – specifically tailored to help residents be their personal best. Elevato will help you enhance all areas of your life, all while living in a resort-style, active retirement community.

CARF Accreditation

Aside from touring, there is a way to tell if the retirement community you’ve been considering is one of the best out there. When a community has the CARF badge, they are well-maintained, safe, secure, comfortable, and their residents are their highest priority.

Luxury retirement communities go through a strict peer-review process focused on areas like management, activity, and service during the accreditation process. The CARF badge means the community has passed the many qualification requirements, and the staff is dedicated to providing great service and a comfortable environment for all residents.

Ready to Make the Move to a Luxury Retirement Community?

When you want to live stress-free in your retirement years, a luxury senior living community is your ideal location. We hope this brief article helped you in your search for the ideal retirement community for you, and that you now feel comfortable knowing what amenities and features you deserve.

You’ve worked hard your entire life so you can retire comfortably. Make sure you find a retirement community to provides that luxurious feeling to your everyday life. You’ve taken care of your family and set yourself up for retirement so you can live like you’re on vacation every day.

Come tour LivGenerations to see what luxury senior living is about!