Is Holistic Health for Seniors the Better Approach to Retirement Living?

Posted on 05/14/2021

Something happens as we age and discover we can’t run as fast, we have aches in the mornings, and sitting on the ground is just not possible. When the aches and pains set in, it’s easy to say, “Nevermind” about our general health and about having a positive outlook on life. But that approach couldn’t be further from what is needed as we age.

Practicing a healthy lifestyle filled with physical, mental, and social activity provides a multitude of benefits in your senior years. Communities for active seniors take these benefits to the heart and create a home that offers holistic health for seniors. Below you’ll find the top eight reasons it’s important to be mindful of healthy and physical activity well into your senior years.

1. Less likelihood of getting sick

Getting sick is the pits for people of every age. During our prime working years, it slows us down when there is just so much to do. As a retiree, illnesses can be more substantial on our aging bodies. While the cure-all pill for illness hasn’t yet been invented, regular exercise can help keep you from getting sick or being susceptible to the side effects.

Through a holistic approach to senior healthcare, movement is incorporated into daily activities. Whether this is a simple walk, joining neighbors outdoors, or participating in a group fitness class is up to you.

Being physically active not only maintains mobility but boosts your immune system’s ability to ward off illness. Regular movement improves the cardio-vascular system, sending more blood throughout your body and increases the strength of your immune system.

This is a great benefit for seniors who can use every immune system boost they can get.

2. Fun and Recreation

Increased physical activity often means a better chance for participating in recreational activities and hobbies every week. You’ve waited through many years of hard work to get to the place where you can pick up new hobbies and enjoy yourself; why spend those years sick and unable to participate.

A holistic senior retirement community provides many options to help residents find what they love to do, including support systems, services, and programs. Plus, compassionate workers are available to help you immerse yourself in new activities while keeping you as safe as possible.

Whether you enjoy golf or football, knitting or painting, swimming or walking, a holistic senior community provides plenty of opportunities to meet and engage new friendships with others who are in a similar stage of their life.

3. Better Frame of Mind

Physical activity releases endorphins within your body that go on to help boost your mood and make you feel happier. As loneliness becomes more common in seniors, this is an important benefit to keep in mind.

Stress, anxiety, and loneliness are rising among seniors, which can cause unwanted physical side effects. There are a lot of changes and unknowns during this time of life that can lead to feelings of isolation. Working out is a great way to give the body the ability to produce what it needs to naturally boost your mood.

In addition to physical activity, mental health practices like senior mindfulness can help with feelings of contentment. Partnered together, the physical and mental health practices are extremely beneficial. Living in an active senior community provides plenty of opportunities for therapy, guided meditation, and learning to cope with stress. Many of these are offered in a group setting that allows you the ability to find new connections with neighbors.

4. Increased Retention and Memory Skills

Problems remembering new things and old are some of the downsides to getting older. These changes in how our brain works often lead to feeling like we’re out of control. But there are some things you can do to slow this down or even prevent the decline.

How well our brain holds on to information is directly affected by physical activity, mental stimulation, and socializing. Exercise not only helps keep our body in top physical shape but improves our brainpower as well. Being socially active also provides much-needed stimulation for the brain in addition to companionship.

Stimulation for the brain is like working out for the body. Stimulating our brain helps keep it strong and able to retain more information. Retirement communities focused on holistic health for seniors build these activities into daily routines.

5. Peace and Relaxation

True relaxation is important to build time into your schedule, and senior communities should be making them a priority. Relaxation is important for a well-rounded lifestyle.

A balance between activity and relaxation can help your body stay healthy and avoid unnecessary trips to your physician. While it won’t stop regular checkups and the occasional illness, it can help reduce the amount of time you spend sick.

To help you rest and relax, you can choose to have meals provided, utilize on-site hair and nail services, and personal patios and balconies for enjoying the sunshine on your own.

6. Positive Mental Health

Mental health has been brought to the forefront of our thoughts as we’ve become more aware of the importance of discussing mental health challenges instead of burying them. Creating a positive environment that allows seniors to thrive and retain some independence is important for maintaining a healthy mental status.

Holistic health for seniors is about helping seniors live their best life by creating the balance between physical activity, mental stimulation, building connections, and rest and recovery periods. Active senior living communities offer seniors the opportunity to maintain their independence for longer and gives you control over how you spend your days.

Finding positive mental health is driven in part by the ability to build connections with others and keep those connections going strong. When you live in a luxury retirement community, you’ll have ample opportunity to meet new people and make new friends; and interacting with those friends regularly has never been easier.

7. Ongoing Learning Opportunities

Mentally stimulating activities are just as important as physical activity when it comes to a holistic health approach for seniors. Taking a walk, riding a bike, and finding new ways to work out helps keep you mobile longer, but mentally stimulating activities help keep your brain sharp for longer.

Active senior living communities provide a number of opportunities for keeping your brain engaged, including guest lectures, ongoing education opportunities, and hands-on classes to learn new skills. Whether you want to learn about a new subject or take art classes – there’s something for you.

Having these opportunities also helps mix up the day-to-day routine it’s easy to get set in and make the week more exciting.

8. Maintaining Good Relationships

As we age and our loved ones transition to caretakers, the relationship dynamics change. Trying to balance these roles can lead to unwanted feelings of resentment or unnecessary stress. Finding a community that allows you to retain your independence while providing the additional care you need can help you get back the positive relationship with your loved ones. When they’re not stressed about how to get everything done and provide the care you need, they can focus more on supporting you and enjoying time with you.

One of the things that matters most in life is our relationships with those we care about. Removing the stress of being a caretaker from them can help keep those relationships positive and should be a priority as we age.

Active Retirement Living Provides Many Benefits

For most of our lives, we spend 40 plus hours a week working hard to provide for our families and save for our retirement years when we’ll have time to do the things we love. Why not spend those in a lower-stress environment where you have the option to have people help with the menial details and free up more of your time?

Living in an active retirement community gives you access to a thriving social calendar, a variety of activity options, luxury amenities for maintaining physical and mental health, and the ability to build new friendships with people in the same stage of life as you.

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