CARF Accreditation: A Guarantee of Safety and Comfort

Posted on 09/12/2022

CARF International was established in 1966 as a non-profit accreditation body for rehabilitation facilities involved in health and human services. They keep high standards and demand that the facilities they accredit meet strict criteria regarding care quality and operational efficiency.


CARF standards are always changing as they stay up to date on the newest strategies and technology. All of their standards were determined after consultation with physicians, insurance companies, individuals, and government agencies. They've established a standard of care that transcends national borders and aims for high-quality care in every corner of the globe.


A CARF accreditation represents an organization's dedication not only to today's standards, but also to continuously seeking methods to enhance their business and care quality to meet the needs of tomorrow.


A healthcare organization that has been certified by the CARF has demonstrated its commitment to using technology and efficiency in order to keep healthcare costs low while still providing the highest level of care to those it serves.

LivGenerations: Elevating Senior Living  

Set out to guarantee that each of their facilities obtained a CARF Accreditation, LivGenerations took the steps to ensure it happened. To do this, they needed to analyze their operations and healthcare procedures and bring them into conformity with the CARF criteria.


When LivGenerations informed that they had reached their goals, CARF began an intensive accreditation process. During this time, every aspect of the organization was reviewed. After any necessary adjustments were made, the LivGenerations Communities were accredited by CARF, and recommendations on how to continue to enhance care and business practices were offered.

Following through on these ideas is part of the agreement that LivGenerations reached with CARF, as the objective is to keep pushing for excellence.

CARF Accreditation Guarantees Life Quality   

When you start looking for the ideal location to spend your golden years or if you are a kid of a senior and want to be sure they will be content and well cared for, there are numerous alternatives available. It might be tough to determine which institution is the best choice.


An organization's desire to be certified by CARF is not simply a formality that may make its press releases more appealing. Rather, they want to find out how to give the greatest care at the best value for everyone involved, and they sought accreditation from CARF because of it. A CARF accreditation not only demonstrates the commitment of an organization to providing excellent care, but also to employing sound business practices.

Business Practices are Important for the Resident  

The residents of a CARF certified facility take great pride in the high level of efficiency and continuous improvement. First, insurers are more likely to pay for a treatment if it is less expensive while maintaining quality care. This may be very beneficial to the residents and their families since it relieves them from a lot of worry.


A facility that is dedicated to lowering expenses will take greater care of its residents' overall health and wellbeing. They would rather finance activities, events, and lessons to maintain healthy bodies and minds than pay for treatment when whole-body wellness is not achieved.


A happy mind brings health to the body. CARF understands this, as do the people at LivGenerations. They don't just want their residents to live; they want them to be healthy and happy. To achieve this and stay certified, they continuously strive to provide their residents with a satisfying and exciting life.


The CARF Seal of Excellence  

Look for the CARF seal of approval when looking for an active senior community. Of course, this does not always guarantee that the facility has everything you need to live a pleasant and healthy life, but it does indicate that the organization is committed to providing its residents with the tools and living space they require to thrive.


The CARF seal implies that everyone in the organization, from stakeholders to dishwashers, has a shared objective. They strive to keep their clients mentally and physically healthy so they can stay active and engaged in their local community.


Schedule a tour of a LivGenerations Community in your area. Inquire about the difficulties you'll face as you move in and how your lifestyle and health will be impacted. You could discover that they have all of the correct answers.